Introducing the Theology Fairies…

Ta daaaaa! If you’ve stumbled into this corner of the internet, hopefully you’re here because you want to learn about Catholicism. Or you’re one of our moms and are here to support your child, which is also totally acceptable… hi Linda and Kim! Anyway, to everyone who is not Linda Churay or Kim Stewart, welcome!

Hopefully you know us, but if not, allow us to introduce ourselves: we’re Mary and Catherine.


Catherine (above right) is the brains behind How to Become a Heroic Catholic, an apologetics book for teens that she wrote when she was a teen. She’s also loves to bake and decorates cakes as a side hustle. That being said, it shouldn’t come of shock to you when you find out she’s a business major at LSU and is concentrating on entrepreneurship. Mary (above left), on the other hand, has a master’s degree in history because she appreciates how religion has shaped today’s world. By day she puts her research skills to use by analyzing car crashes at LSU, and by night she is mom to Gatsby, a Corgi/Mini Aussie mix whose favorite hobby is giving her grey hair. The two (Catherine and Mary, not Mary and Gatsby), became fast friends after meeting several years ago as volunteers for the St. Aloysius youth group. After working together to lead a q&a session for some youth group members, they decided that they wanted keep answering those questions and to give their teens a dedicated space for asking them… and that’s how the idea for The Theology Fairies was born!

In the future, you’ll see not only weekly blog posts from us that answer questions and tackle issues of the faith, but you’ll also find links to articles, resources to help you do your own research, and videos that we created to help break down topics. We know that Catholicism can be hard to understand and that Church history is long (and sometimes a little messy), so we’re here to walk with you and to help you figure it out.

Here are a few rapid fire facts about us:

  • Catherine started with a list of 72 confirmation saints when she was trying to choose! Mary only had 4 or 5, but there may or may not have been a pro/con list involved.
  • We both have the same favorite Biblical figure: Saint Peter! He was the first Pope, the Rock of the Church, and also kind of a mess. You could say he had a big mouth, but his humanity is what makes him so perfect for being Jesus’ earthly successor!
  • We also have the same favorite sacrament: confirmation!
  • We have a running debate on who’s better: St. Thomas Aquinas or St. Thomas More. (Help us settle the debate and comment below to tell us your thoughts!)


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